Seguramente no me conozcáis ni habréis escuchado nada sobre mi .

Soy Cris , apasionada del fútbol desde que tengo uso de razón y colchonera como mi familia . Desde hace varios años me fije en un joven canterano que volvio de una cesión en busca de minutos y que despuntaba con pequeños detalles ; supe que ese chico iba a lograr lo que quisiera y yo iba a estar ahi para verlo y no me equivoqué .

Estudio Marketing Digital y la creación de esta página web me ayuda a mejorar todo lo que estoy aprendiendo .


Don't let anyone tell you that something is impossible if you haven't tried it before.

"You are a person who fights for what she wants, for what she loves and as a good athlete, she never gives up. Continue with that joy and happiness that you give off for many more years. Never stop showing how and why Saúl will always be one of us and a red-and-white legend "
"Your account is admirable in every way, you can see the effort and dedication in each of your publications, but above all, your support for me is one of the most beautiful and unconditional ones, you never fail him and you are always supporting him despite of the circumstances "
"I am very proud of you and of everything you achieve, because you have earned everything by yourself with your effort and effort. Keep it up because everything you propose is going to come to you no matter how long it takes and costs"


Year 2018


In that year I had a ticket to go to the game that Atlético de Madrid was playing against Valladolid at José Zorrilla. It was a unique but a bit strange experience, my first game outside of Madrid, everything planned at the last minute, it was a real chaos.

The game as expected was 90 'intense and suffering, we finished 2-3 luckily, I did not know how the outlook was going for the visiting fans and what is my surprise, you have to stay almost 1 hour more inside the stadium until those of the local team leave; full February you can imagine the cold.

To return it was also chaotic, we clicked as we were going to leave in the parking lot of the stadium. We came back late but it was a very nice experience in spite of everything.



Year 2019

My trip to the Mestalla stadium started very early, we took a bus from the Metropolitan Stadium at 7 in the morning and it dropped us off at Malvarrosa beach, being there they informed us that we should be at the stadium before 8:00 p.m. Therefore, my friend and I decided to eat close to the beach and then take public transport to the stadium.

We got into trouble with the buses there but we managed to find the one we needed; It was time to enter the game and they checked us until ... we entered and I felt a fear when I saw the height of the visitor stands was super steep and the fences were very unreliable. We saw the game in which I had to suffer again and we ended up in a draw.

The fans that moved like us, honor to all of them, were the true winners of the match; trip that I would like to relive and enjoy.



cris rubio ❤️

Haces que todo merezca la pena

10 de Agosto de 2022 . Un día que llevo esperando mucho tiempo , hace 1 año hice este edit de Saúl con una camiseta con mucha historia , después de mucho tiempo decidí imprimirla , enmarcarla y entregársela como muestra de la importancia que tiene en la historia del Atlético de Madrid como esa camiseta .

La demostración del apoyo incondicional a pesar de los buenos y no tan buenos momentos , gracias por hacer todo tan especial y que merezca la pena .

Mi  compañera de aventuras

María has been a fundamental pillar both for me and for the account.

Saúl has made us believe until the end, together we will achieve everything we propose and we will obtain our deserved reward, by your side I feel invincible and that if I fall you help me to get up, you are home and I know that this is the beginning of something very big. Little by little this has been forging and you have shown me more than some people in years, the crazy things at your side are more wonderful and I know we can handle this and everything. You have me for everything and above all thank you for every seconds, minutes, hours or days by your side. 

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